Haltom City TX Restaurants – Which Of These Is Going To Be Your Next Stop?

It’s time to look at four more restaurants in Haltom City TX. There have been some interesting picks so far, but we’ve just gotten started. Pretty soon, you’re going to know about all kinds of great places to eat in the area. Here are the next featured restaurants I want to tell you about as you get ready to dine out in Haltom City, Texas.

Lone Star BBQ is one of them, and the address for this restaurant used to be 6320 North Beach Street. According to reviews, it is reopening on Weston Boulevard. Enjoy a chopped beef sandwich, delicious sides and flavorful Texas barbecue. People say that the sausage there is delicious, and you can order up a variety of different meats. What do you think about when you get ready to enjoy some delicious Texas barbecue?

Fuel City is located at 1715 Haltom Road, and it’s where you order up delicious street tacos. People say that they are quite tasty, and there are different combinations available. There are also meat pies served up there, and that sounds delicious, too. Picadillos are one of the more popular taco choices. If you enjoy street tacos and think this place sounds like a plan, then head on over to Fuel City.

Street tacos are good for sure, and so is this next place. Sunny Street Cafe is located at 5000 Western Center Boulevard, and it’s a great place to enjoy a nice breakfast. Order up biscuits, omelets, hashbrowns and more according to what’s on the menu highlights. People say that the staff at this restaurant is great, too, which is always good. You want to have an enjoyable meal all the way around, and it sounds like that’s what you will get at Sunny Street Cafe.

Main Street Cafe is another wonderful stop. The location is 900 South Main Street, and the cafe is also a good place to order up breakfast. Chicken and waffles is on the menu according to reviews, and people say that you can expect to find great comfort food. It’s also a good place for lunch.

Those restaurants in Haltom TX are some of the best. Remember that there are 75 restaurants to choose from. It sure does help knowing where all the locals like to eat, right? Think about what type of experience you want to have and what cuisine you are craving, and then you can pick a good restaurant in Haltom.